Friday, January 20, 2017

Our Top 5 Tips for Purchasing a Horse Trailer

Our Top 5 Tips for Purchasing a Horse Trailer
Choosing a trailer for any reason can be difficult, but when it comes to selecting a horse trailer, you want to make sure you get the correct trailer for your needs as well as the animals' needs. In this short article, you will be informed of the top five tips for purchasing a horse trailer.
1. Make sure there is sufficient storage
A horse trailer can look massive in a picture, but when you actually see the trailer, you need to ensure there will be sufficient room for your particular needs. Not only do you have to worry about the room for the horse or horses, but you have to make sure that all your gear for the horses such as blankets and saddles, food, and other equipment will be able to be stored away safely and efficiently.
2. Check the undercarriage of the trailer
When purchasing a trailer of any sort, it is of the utmost importance to check the undercarriage of the trailer. This is important to make sure there is not rust or holes due to road salt. You are also looking for denting, cracked or broken bolts, faulty wiring or wiring that has exposed fibers, as well as road wear which means the trailer has been through many miles. A little wear and tear are standard but if you find cracking on the inside of the tires, make sure to inquiry entirely.
3. Verify the electrical system
The electrical system should not be overlooked when purchasing a horse trailer. Make sure to verify the outlets work, and there are plenty of them. You will also want to make sure the lights work inside as well as work on the outside of the trailer. Your brake lights need to be in working order, so another driver doesn't rear-end you and your precious cargo.
4. Scan the outside of the trailer
A new coat of paint can cover up most any scratches, but you need to look past the paint and see the trailer's exterior. Walk around the trailer paying close attention to the rivets and seams as well as the tires and tread on the tires. You want to make sure your precious cargo is transported both safely and on-time.
5. Check the inside with a different perspective
The last thing you are going to want to do is to make sure there is enough room for the horse of course! Look at the door opening to make sure it is wide enough to get the stallion or mare in and out. Other things to consider are if there are windows or if the trailer has enough airflow on a hot, humid day. Also, make sure you check the flooring for weak spots as you don't want your horse to fall through the trailer!

As you can see, when you are inquiring about and ready to purchase a horse trailer, there are many variables that go into the decision. If you follow our advice on the top five tips for buying a horse trailer, you will have purchased a high-quality trailer and will have the peace of mind knowing your animals are safe and comfortable during transport.

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